Knipe Realty ERA Powered, Inc.
3D Camera Rental Notice

Ricoh Theta V and Monopod Rental Notice

This is a notice that the borrower will be required to fill out a form before checking out the equipment. 

 Primary responsibility for Knipe Realty ERA Powered’s Richo Theta V
3D Camera and Monopod will be assigned to the borrower. The borrower will be responsible for taking the
necessary precautions to protect the equipment and to store it in a manner that provides
adequate protection when it is not in use, thus not subjecting the equipment to possible
theft or damage..

A credit card number will be required on file in case of damages or late fees. 

Rental Period

24 hours from check out time 

Rental Fee

There is no charge for the rental of the Equipment. However, in the event that the
Equipment is damaged lost or destroyed during my rental period, I agree to replace the
Equipment at my own expense. Knipe Realty ERA Powered will charge the card authorized
on this agreement the replacement fee of $425.00.

Late Fee

A late fee will be charge to the card on this agreement if the equipment is not returned
by the designated return time. A $25 late fee will be charged every 24 hours the equipment
is not returned. After 7 consecutive 24 hour periods have passed a replacement fee of
$425.00 will be charged to replace the equipment and the equipment that has not been
returned will then belong to the borrower.