Simplify Your Move

Moving can be a tough job. I like to minimize trouble and create incredible moments for my clients. So, here’s a breakdown of my essential moving supplies, guaranteed to make moving a bit easier.

  • First Night & Day Box: What do you need in the first 24 hours at your new residence? Pack it here. Think pajamas, disposable plates, phone chargers, toiletries, wine bottle opener, toilet paper, etc.
  • Movers Wrap: Otherwise known as plastic wrap; this moving supply is a game changer. Wrap your dresser and kitchen drawers to eliminate extra boxes and unpacking. Just unwrap and go!
  • Kitchen Pots: Fill your stockpots, dutch ovens and any large pot with spices and other small kitchen items.
  • Soft Bags & Duffles: Save on wardrobe boxes and waste with reusable bags. These large soft bags can hold clothing, quilts, pillows; anything soft works well.
  • Wheeled Trunks & Suitcases: Remember summer camp trunks? They can be filled to the top and nearly impossible to carry, but wheels make it much easier to transport. Use your wheeled luggage for another box alternative.

These are just a few pro moving tips to make your move easier and allow more room for excitement about your fantastic new home! Give me a call if you are ready to make a move.

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