3 Simple Ways To Calm Fear In Your Market

There are a lot of questions on everyone’s minds right now. These uncertain times may be driving anxiety, and even worse, spreading fear that a housing crisis is on the horizon.

But even if you can’t go about your business as usual, there’s still one very important way to help your clients through this: communication.

By starting conversations, sharing important insights and providing market updates, you’re replacing fear with facts. And when these uncertain times pass, you’ll be remembered as the real estate expert who went above and beyond to help their community through this.

Here’s 3 examples of how you can be a voice of reason and keep your clients informed in these uncertain times.


Stay Engaged

If there’s ever been a more important time to be present and stay engaged with your clients, it’s now.

This isn’t about sales. It’s about building relationships, confronting concerns and making sure your clients know you have their back. Make calls, send emails and drive engagement by asking questions on your social media platforms.

As a real estate expert, you’re a fixture in your community. By simply calling to check in on clients, sending texts or emails asking if anyone needs help or sharing important market insights, you’re showing you genuinely care about their well-being.


Share Visuals

As the trusted advisor, your sphere of influence is looking to you to answer some tough questions, even if they aren’t openly asking them.

Visuals (graphics, stats, photos, etc.) are on of the best ways to communicate data and hard facts.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the recent blog 5 Simple Graphs Proving this is NOT Like the Last Time, check your emails for all the graphics that we have shared recently and check the Knipe Realty Facebook group for recent posts and graphics.
  2. Save the graphs to your desktop or phone.
  3. Copy and paste talking points from each of the graphs or take screenshots of the different sections.
  4. Create a new Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post.
  5. Upload a graph, graphic or video and insert copy from the blog or create your own into the post.
  6. Publish and repeat.


Create Videos

Community is more important than ever, and social media is a powerful tool in building and maintaining our connections.

This isn’t the time to be camera shy. Share behind-the-scenes videos, weekly market updates and real estate insights that educate, entertain and motivate your clients. Creating videos like these can help you connect with your followers, build an audience and correct a lot of the misinformation surrounding real estate.


The bottom line is that with all the uncertainty surrounding today’s economic volatility, people are searching for answers about where the housing market is headed. Anxiety sparked from memories of 2008 is happening, and your clients are looking to you to calm their fears.

This is an important time to connect and correct any misinformation with research-backed facts so when everything is said and done, you standout as a real estate expert that can be trusted.

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